Cinco de Mayo is more than just tacos.

Thanks to the podcast, I’ve had the chance to interview really cool individuals. Some I know really well, and others I had only met right before the interview. At the end of each episode, I typically ask a series of short-answer questions that vary in topic. For the Nashville guests, I always ask for them... Continue Reading →

Summer is almost over…

It has been a crazy, busy summer. We stepped away from blogging to focus on our real estate business and the podcast, and it’s good to be back. Summer isn’t quite over, but with school back in session, we’re starting to feel the slow progression into an eventual fall. We just ordered new calendars for... Continue Reading →

Mule Day: A Columbia Tradition

The recent increase of development in Columbia has been astounding. Over the last few years, the downtown Columbia area experienced an influx of local restaurants, businesses, and retail stores thanks to several grants and partnerships. This brings revenue to Columbia and Maury County throughout the entire year. The downtown area prospered several decades ago, but... Continue Reading →

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