White Paint and Starting Over

Have you ever had those days where you can’t stand a certain aspect of your life, and you need to change it right then, or you’d go crazy? I went through this right after Christmas. I’d already cut my hair and bought a new horse, so in theory, I should be set. Wrong. As I... Continue Reading →

Off the Grid: Solar Panels

Sustainability has been an increasingly popular topic over the years and isn’t something most American consumers have been concerned with until now. As a homeowner, it is a certainty that your home will have bills. But now, there are more and more options to make homes more energy efficient and either reduce or eliminate bills.... Continue Reading →

What renovations add value?

Homeowners have needs that change throughout their lifetime. People get married, start families, get divorced, and downsize. At some point in time, your house may not always fit your needs. Renovating a home can seem like a daunting task. Whether it’s something simple like a fresh coat of paint, or something more significant like knocking... Continue Reading →

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