January 2019 Housing Stats

Frequently, we are asked about the state of the housing market and what the future holds. Middle Tennessee has also been fortunate in its growth. As the City of Nashville becomes a hub of the south, the surrounding areas are affected through housing and labor. Nashville was recently named an emerging leader in the housing... Continue Reading →

Mule Day: A Columbia Tradition

The recent increase of development in Columbia has been astounding. Over the last few years, the downtown Columbia area experienced an influx of local restaurants, businesses, and retail stores thanks to several grants and partnerships. This brings revenue to Columbia and Maury County throughout the entire year. The downtown area prospered several decades ago, but... Continue Reading →

Relocation: Where to live

In our last post, we covered a lengthy list of considerations and must-dos when relocating for work or pleasure. But honestly, the most important aspect of relocating is where you are going to live, especially when family is involved. A home is such a personal thing, and it can make or break your move. This... Continue Reading →

Relocation 101

Relocation can be one of the most stressful events that occurs in a person’s lifetime. Whether you have a family or not, packing up your entire life to move to a new place is daunting. And most importantly, where are you going live? Do you rent or buy? The questions are endless, and it can... Continue Reading →

Off the Grid: Solar Panels

Sustainability has been an increasingly popular topic over the years and isn’t something most American consumers have been concerned with until now. As a homeowner, it is a certainty that your home will have bills. But now, there are more and more options to make homes more energy efficient and either reduce or eliminate bills.... Continue Reading →

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