National Poinsettia Day – It’s real.

I was recently gifted a beautiful poinsettia, and nothing says Christmas and winter like the vibrant red color of a poinsettia plant. In my case, I have a white one and a red one within the same pot. When my mother saw it, she mentioned that I should keep puppies and children away from it (I have no children currently but do own a Golden Retriever puppy named Ruby). The plant has become such an iconic symbol of the holiday season, and I started wondering what else I didn’t know about this potted plant now in my living room. In honor of National Poinsettia Day – yes, it’s very real because apparently in America we have national days for everything – here are a few fun facts you didn’t know about poinsettias*.

  1. There are over 100 varieties of the plant, and colors range from red, pink, white, and burgundy.
  2. Over 34 million are sold every year. That’s right 34 million. Which makes it the highest selling potted flowering plant. Wow.
  3. California is the number one producer of the plant in the U.S., followed by North Carolina and Texas. Since the climates vary in all three locations, I thought this was an interesting find. But I’ll save that rabbit hole for another day.
  4. December 12th is National Poinsettia Day.
  5. The Aztecs used poinsettias to dye fabric.
  6. The plant is tropical in nature and is commonly found in Central America (naturally).
  7. While we see the smaller, potted versions, in their natural habitat, they can reach up to 12 feet in height. That’s right, monster poinsettias are a thing.
  8. Poinsettias are reportedly not poisonous, but they may cause discomfort if consumed so don’t.

Until next time…

*All facts confirmed with sources provided by the University of Vermont.

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