There have been so many changes since the last podcast episode and blog post, and I took a break to decide what was important to me, and how I want to finish 2020. I really questioned whether or not I even wanted to continue the podcast and blog. I was so excited when I started this, but over time, I’ve had serious doubts about it. While this project helps me accomplish personal goals I currently have for myself, I started feeling fear. Fear about what people think. Fear about how the episodes and posts will sound. I have been over every single reason why I should or should not do this. Listened to motivational videos and podcasts, read books – you name it, I’ve done it.

Every year, I re-read certain books. During the corona-quarantine, I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In total – I’ve read that book five times now. Five. Hopefully other people do that and don’t find it weird. Sometimes I feel like I need to hear certain things or read certain books for the message and where I am in life. 

Napoleon Hill said there are six basic fears, and he defines them as the following:

Fear of Poverty

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Ill Health 

Fear of Losing Someone’s Love

Fear of Old Age

Fear of Death

And out of the six, he writes, we all suffer from at least one. I’ll be really honest and admit that I suffer from the fear of poverty and criticism. Which makes me indecisive, because I don’t want to make a mistake or say the wrong thing. What if an idea doesn’t work? What if I lose my job? What if someone decides they don’t like whatever I’m doing? How am I supposed to deal with failures? It is crazy how quickly the mind can spiral. And then what? Hope I win the lottery so I can runaway to an island? I wish. (But if this did happen, there’s a banana farm in St. Lucia with my name it). 

Napoleon Hill states that one’s state of mind is subject to control and direction. I know we’ve all heard about meditation and its benefits or using the law of attraction. I was really skeptical. It seems over simplified…I’ll just be positive or think happy thoughts, and it will all be fine. But it never really gets to the root of the problem – the trigger. Hill is brilliant and has an intense self-analysis with over 50 questions, and they are designed as an exercise that lasts several days. He is very specific that it should take more than a few minutes if you really want to get serious – it not your easy 5-minute Facebook survey. But if you’re honest, you can see patterns and start to see where you have personal weaknesses. It isn’t fun. I don’t like being wrong or admitting weakness, ever. However, being “stuck” isn’t exactly an acceptable option either. 

About two years ago, I heard someone say that action overcomes any worry, indecision, or fear that you may have. Isn’t that true? Once things get started and you move, you have less time to think about what could go wrong because moving forces you to focus on the task at hand. It’s only when it’s over that you stop and realize what just happened. 

So here we are. More episodes. More blog posts. More adventures. Moving forward and creating actions that will (hopefully) lead to my definition of success. 

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