Cinco de Mayo is more than just tacos.

Thanks to the podcast, I’ve had the chance to interview really cool individuals. Some I know really well, and others I had only met right before the interview. At the end of each episode, I typically ask a series of short-answer questions that vary in topic. For the Nashville guests, I always ask for them to share their favorite restaurants so I can compare their recommendations to my long, long list. Some day I’ll share all the recommendations I receive, but until then (or you listen to the other episodes), I’m only sharing favorite tacos spots in honor of Cinco de Mayo (the unofficial taco and margarita holiday for the U.S.). 

Quick note – Cinco de Mayo is also known as the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla and is a well-known Mexican holiday. It is in honor of the military victory over the French and Napoleon III in 1862. You can read more on this while you wait for your tacos to be served and better yourself by learning something important at the same time. 

Now back to tacos. Here is the official Southern Rogue taco list: 

  1. San Antonio Taco Company (SATCO)
  2. Bakersfield 
  3. Mas Tacos 
  4. Saint Añejo 
  5. Nada 
  6. Redheaded Stranger 
  7. Local Taco 

Honorable Mention: Little Donkey (now closed, RIP).

My ode to tacos.

 The day of tacos is here. 

Cinco de Mayo. 

Taco Haiku, by Southern Rogue

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