White Paint and Starting Over

Have you ever had those days where you can’t stand a certain aspect of your life, and you need to change it right then, or you’d go crazy? I went through this right after Christmas. I’d already cut my hair and bought a new horse, so in theory, I should be set. Wrong. As I was lying in bed one night (and unable to sleep), I decided to redesign one of the bedrooms in the house. The current set-up was minimal at best with only a king-size bed, two bedside tables, a desk, and several mismatched pictures. The space was and is only temporary. I didn’t feel compelled to do much in the beginning. But it was time. 

I had to be resourceful since I was on a tight budget. I planned to reuse several furniture pieces including an antique iron bed frame. Despite my optimism on the furniture, it still didn’t change the fact that repainting was a must. The walls were painted a light robin’s egg blue around ten years ago, so they needed to be repainted anyway. I just had the brilliant idea to repaint them white…

The color white is one of my favorite things, especially on walls. White represents a clean slate, a blank space. To me, it’s one of the best colors you can choose. Hang in there – I know that is the last thing that most people think. But here’s the thing, white allows for more possibilities because you can add textures and tones. If you get tired of it, you can take it all out, and start over with minimal effort. I chose White Cotton by Sherwin Williams for the walls and ceiling in satin. Stain, semi-gloss, and high gloss look better to me, but eggshell and matte are often recommended when kids aren’t involved. Sherwin Williams paint has served us well in the past, but unfortunately took three coats to provide the desired coverage. Side note – I had originally thought this entire project would take less than a day. I was wrong. 

After the three coats of paint on the walls and trim, I began moving in the rug and furniture. It’s been a while since I’ve had a rug in a bedroom. Not sure why even though we’ve almost always had hardwood floors and they can be cold. The room also has two closets which drastically limited my options for arranging furniture. I moved the clothes into one closet and placed the desk into the second closet. It fit surprisingly well and freed up extra space. While there’s not a ton of space in the “office closet”, I was able to hang my awards, diploma, and vision board over the workspace. It keeps me focused. 

The worst part of the entire redesign was storing the king bed and “downsizing” to a double bed. Again, only temporary, but still a change. As I mentioned, I moved the antique iron bed frame that was painted black. It really adds character and makes the room feel less modern, which the white paint can do. Coupled with small black bedside tables and old glass lamps with new black shades, the black contrasted against the white is striking. Even though I love the minimalistic looks with all neutrals, I wanted way more color than normal. I placed an oriental style rug with lots of blue. I was also really excited about the pillows I found for the bed. Pinterest inspiration is real, so I bought two royal blue pillows (to match the rug, obviously), an emerald green one, and two tropical-patterned pillows that had several shades of blues and greens to tie everything together. 

I love to read. Before redoing the room, I had no place to sit and read other than my desk. Now that I had more space thanks to the smaller bed and office closet, I was able to set up both my tall, white bookshelves along with my oversized lounge chair. Having been liberated from the storage room, it fit perfectly in the corner next to the shelves. There is nothing better than a place to curl up with a good book. And to be on-trend, I reorganized all the books by color to make it pop. It’s one of the first things you notice now when walking in, and it was worth it. Again, it was an easy way to add color without having to buy anything. 

Processes, cleaning, and organizing are some of my favorite things. This was one of those times where I just needed to hit the reset button, and reevaluate the space. My major takeaways were to 1) Buy plenty of paint. At least one can more than you think you’ll need. It will come in handy when you want to touch up. 2) Don’t be afraid of white paint. It’s so clean and fresh. 3) Starting from scratch is not necessary. Sure, sometimes you need to just really strip everything down and start over. But sometimes you can reuse or rearrange things. You can organize by color for a statement. 4) Pinterest and The Home Edit (please follow them on Instagram) are great sources of inspiration.

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