Adam Silverman | CEO of Muletown Digital

This is the Southern Rogue Podcast. I’m your host, Susan Pogue, and we’re back with Season 2. This podcast features entrepreneurs, business owners, and change makers. With the idea of experience sharing in mind, I wanted the conversations to be real and unedited. This project has been a huge piece of 2019, and I’m excited about where we’re headed in 2020.  Ask yourself – what is your purpose? What are your goals? What is your why? Each person I interviewed for Season 2 was very different and you can feel the uniqueness in each episode. They share their jobs, their dreams, their challenges. I hope you’ll draw knowledge, strength, and insight to be your best self. 

On this episode, I interview Adam Silverman the CEO of Muletown Digital. Adam began his career as a musician and drummer. While working with several big name artists and touring across the country, he began working on website development and problem solving on the side. Fast forward more than ten years later, and in 2019, Adam founded Muletown Digital. Not only does Adam talk about his business and the crazy growth they’ve experienced in the last year, he also walks us through the reality of SEO, generating leads for your business, and creating a brand that tells your story. 

Want to know more about Adam? Go to or check them out on Facebook or Instagram at @muletowndigital. 

Check out the latest episodes on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and follow us on Instagram at the Southern Rogue Podcast for more. 

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