Bonus Episode with Colton Mulligan | CEO of FoxFuel

This is the Southern Rogue Podcast. Thanks for taking a moment to listen to this quick bonus episode of the Southern Rogue Podcast.  Colton Mulligan, the CEO of FoxFuel, was a guest a few weeks ago. He dropped a ton of truths and gave a really unique perspective on mental health. This is a tidbit that didn’t make the final cut, but I wanted to share with everyone

In it, Colton lays out how soft skills and how emotional intelligence can determine you level of success. Learning mindfulness, self-control, and various frameworks can benefit your wellbeing personally and professionally. 

You can find the full interview with Colton in Episode 18. Check out the latest episodes on iTunes or Spotify and follow us on Instagram at the Southern Rogue Podcast for more. 

Want to know more about Colton? Go to or check them out on Facebook or Instagram at @foxfuelcreative. 

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