Mary-Elaine Jenkins | Musician

The music of Mary-Elaine Jenkins sounds like a premonition. Growing up in the low country of South Carolina, ME alway had a passion for music. Soft spoken and thoughtful, she shares her adventures and the influences that lead her life from the south to  Washington DC and Spain. 

Arriving in New York City in 2013, Mary-Elaine played in venues all over the city and surrounded herself with a creative network. Through those connections, she released her debut album, Hold Still, in September 2018. In this episode, Mary-Elaine talks about how to develop a solid process and finding creativity, something we can all use. Check out the show notes to listen to ME’s album and find out what’s next for her music. 

To find more on Mary-Elaine and hear her album, check out the links below. Mary-Elaine has just announced she’ll be performing at the Campout for a Cause festival and will also be touring in Europe this summer! Link to tickets are below! 

Campout for a Cuase:

Website and album:

IG and FB: @maryelainejenkins 

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