Rogue /rōg/

Change is the kind of thing that causes two reactions: run away or embrace it. It’s difficult to accept change. It’s scary to leave that job and start a new one, to leave a home filled with memories for an empty one in a new place, to walk away from that relationship into the unknown. But quite frankly, as appealing as running away and avoiding a problem is, running head first into whatever lies in front of you is the best way tackle life and solve problems. 

A change that occurred in 2006 acted as a catalyst for what is now this blog and many more things to come. Sherry and Robert, two of our co-founders, had just signed the closing papers to sell their dream farm. With a relocation back to Columbia, TN in front of them, Sherry decided to take matters into her own hands and obtain her Real Estate License. Convinced she could help friends and family buy and sell property to achieve their dreams, she began her business and career as an agent. Three years later, Robert would join her at Town and Country Realtors. Together they’ve sold hundreds of homes to our amazing clients. Sherry helps buyers envision what could be possible in a new home, while Robert provides expertise on the financing and logistics. With their experience renovating older homes and building (and contracting) two of their own, they proved a strong and knowledgeable team. 

Which brings us to now. After two years of late night conversations, planning, and brainstorming, in January 2018, I joined the team. We are now The Pogue Group of Town and Country Realtors. Some will say it’s cheesy, but the idea of building a business with two of the most intelligent, hard-working people I know sounds like a really smart idea (and there is never a dull moment). Through this blog, I’ll cover all things real estate along with our favorite southern places and things plus some important life lessons (i.e. “Bless your heart” can be an insult or a compliment – learn to read someone’s tone). 

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have questions about real estate, or want additional information on content we’ve posted, feel free to contact us anytime. 

“The North is a direction. The South is a lifestyle.” – Unknown 


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